Fabrício da Mota Alves

Cyber Law expert

• Cyber Law expert;

• Partner at Garcia de Souza Advogados law firm, coordinator of the Data Protection, Technology and Innovation practice;

• Professor of Data Protection in São Paulo (Insper, LEC, Escola Paulista de Direito, and Opice Blum Academy), Federal District (IDP and ATAME), Paraná (PUC), and Rio de Janeiro (FGV);

• Former technical advisor to the Federal Senate;

• Non-Key Expert for Brazil of the European Commission (IDC Project Enhancing Data Protection and Privacy Convergence);

• Member of the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals);

• Member of the Special Data Protection Committee of the OAB’s Federal Council;

• Alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program (Legislation and Regulation in the Digital Age, United States of America);

• Alumnus of the European Union Visitors Program (European Union);

• Coauthor of the books “Comentários ao GDPR” and “LGPD Comentada” (published by Revista dos Tribunais).